EmTech France

October 10-11, Toulouse

Leading the Transformation of Humanity: People at the Center of Technological Evolution

EmTech France is the largest and the most prestigious conference on emerging technologies in Europe. It is an incredible convergence of our world’s latest emerging technologies that are positioned to shape our future.

During the past 3 years, we succeeded at building a strong global community by designing an inspiring space where great minds come together, share knowledge and network as we learn how to impact the world and transform society. We have designed EmTech France to provide a unique experience for each of its participants by offering an incredible set of international speakers, an open forum and a new style of collaborative thinking in order to discuss the drivers which are pushing us toward a new global economy.

This is an opportunity for people from different backgrounds, expertise and interests to discuss and collaborate on some of our world’s biggest challenges and explore the breakthrough and emerging technologies that can be used to tackle them. EmTech France will gather nearly 500 participants passionate about technology: entrepreneurs, investors, chief officers, tech journalists, private companies, public institutions and members of the Innovators Under 35 community.

Over the course of two days, we will hear from 30 national and international experts to showcase the latest advances in technology with a common focus: The Human Dimensions.

Join us to discover the four human dimensions:

The latest advances in cognitive technologies related to the human mind and brain

The latest advances in artificial intelligence, agricultural, urban planning and genomic technologies

The latest advances in socially motivated technologies

The latest trends and technological advances in business & entrepreneurship

What is EmTech France?

Every process of evolution uses human beings as both a starting point and a primary point of reference. But the question remains, do we continue to be regarded as relevant throughout the entire development process? From the beginning of time, humans have been considered creators, leaders, pioneers, inventors, innovators, who continuously redesign our role in society and redefine our own value through technological advances. The real question, however, is not how our mentality and behaviors have taken shape but rather whether we have evolved enough to face the challenges posed by today’s technologies. Our evolution is a reflection of how integrated technology has become in our society and how these developments help us to enhance and gain the maximum benefit possible from our human capabilities.

EmTech France does just that– help equip audiences with the intelligence required to understand a world shaped by technology. Together, we’ll start a discussion surrounding its impact from artificial intelligence, VR and genetics to civic technologies, business and company culture.

How do we redefine humanity as one of the largest forces driving technology?
How will these advances affect us?
Where is it leading us and where do we draw the line?

Who are the experts?

Antoinette Matthews

Antoinette Matthews

Executive Director of MIT Enterprise Forum

Matt Carney

Matt Carney

Biomechatronics Engineer at MIT Media Lab

Pamela Ronald

Pamela Ronald

Director, The UC Davis Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy University of California

Neil Garrett

Neil Garrett

Postdoctoral Researcher, Daw Lab, Princeton Neuroscience Institute

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